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Wilson Wisdom – Autism Awareness

img_0770My son made me smile this week, something he does regularly, but this smile – this one is still in my heart. I’m filled to bursting with this smile because he took a huge step, he summoned his courage and he faced the unknown to do something he’s been talking about doing for a some time now.

My son is my hero, I’ll tell you that about him first. In his 27 years, he has taught me more than I could have ever dreamed while I was busy teaching him. His name is Wilson. I knew almost right away he was something special, it took nine years for that something special to be diagnosed, autism.

Our journey together has been amazing.

As he grew older, he began to develop phenomenal insights about autism. His desire to share those insights with others grew into a passion for spreading autism awareness. One of the ways he did this was to create a Cafepress store called Wilson Wisdom. I was an admin for a large online autism group, and he regularly dictated things for me to share with them, he answered questions the members asked, and truly helped so many peek into the world of autism.

The last few years, he’s been making autism awareness posts on Facebook, this week, he decided to make his first video, and I simply cannot stop smiling. I have a feeling once he gets used to it, he is going to do just what he told me he would do when he was younger, change the world one person at a time.

Sharing this smile today for The Weekly Smile at Trent’s World (the blog) 

Wilson Wisdom for Autism Awareness

I am so proud of my son, it takes a lot of courage to put yourself out there like this and I hope he continues to do so . . . He has amazing insights and so much Wilson Wisdom to share.

Doing autism awareness videos is something he’s thought of for some time now, I had no ide he was going to take such a monumental step like this, I am overwhelmed, and as always, so very proud of him.

Please remember he is speaking from his own experiences and sharing what he has learned, and is in the process of learning, throughout his life. He understands everyone with autism is unique, and while he may sometimes say ‘all’, he is speaking about things that are very often common among autistics.

Your comments and encouragement are appreciated 😊