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If I Came With a Warning Label


I found this Mini Writing Prompt challenge on the Brave and Reckless blog, and as per my usual, I’m late to the party. That’s a little misleading, I usually skip parties, BUT bloggy parties – now that’s more my speed.

This prompt prompted readers and writers to wax poetic about what their warning labels might say. I actually think I would have more than one (or three). I’d be curious to see what cautions my family would warn of. I may have to follow up on that. For now, though . . .

– If I came with a warning label –

The corners would
likely be peeled
like ancient scrolls of old,
evidence of times
I’d tried to remove it.
The faded words would say
handle with care –
contents may be
fragile, combustible,
easily shattered.
Keep in a cool, quiet space
filled with light and love.
May wield words against you
or wrap you within their solace.
Must never be placed
within a box,
requires room to fly freely
and a safe place to land.
May not always
behave as expected.

Handle with care –
contents may be fragile.