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If you’ll have it



Give me your heart
to tuck safely away
and I’ll give you mine
if you’ll have it.

It doesn’t look like much
anymore, but it’s
the only one I have.

It’s seen better days, I know,
I used to wear it on my sleeve.

It’s weathered many a storm,
this heart of mine.

I should have
taken better care,
it’s been broken,
but it beats stronger
now than it did before.

It gets heavy sometimes
so if it’s too much to bear
I’ll understand.

I’ve lost it a few times,
but you’re the only one
I’ve offered it too.

If you decide to keep it now
and change your mind someday,
I won’t be needing it back.

So if you give me your heart
I’ll tuck it safely away,
and I’ll give you mine
if you’ll have it.

Crystal R.Cook