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#1000Speak – Nurturing My Precious Garden

1000 Voices Speak


A nurturer by nature

I planted seeds

and watched them grow

I tended them with care

kneeling in the sodden earth

I toiled and tilled and sowed

I sat and watched in wonder

as my garden

slowly came to life

I vowed to shelter

and to nourish it

to be certain it would thrive

And when the tiny buds

began to blossom

I cultivated them with care

I kept the weeds away

I quenched their thirst

and sprinkled them with prayer

My beautiful garden

continued to grow

it became a part of me

And the pieces of my heart

I’d planted

grew from those tiny seeds

Eventually the winds

dispersed their essence

to grow elsewhere on the earth

My precious flowers

found new life

giving joy with their rebirth

Those tiny seeds I planted

have grown so strong

the flowers bloom for all to see

And after all these years

in loving my care

that garden now tends me

Crystal R. Cook