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If we were having coffee – I’d be in my jammies

img_0367If we were having coffee this lovely Saturday, I would have started without you. I simply couldn’t wait. I awoke earlier than I’d wanted to and got started on the first cup right away. I’m actually on my third cup. It’s a small cup though, the big ones haven’t been washed yet and since it’s no longer my job to wash them, I opted for the last clean one available.

Dish duty has fallen to my youngest son, he’s not very good at his job. He’s nineteen, so it’s not like he can’t reach the sink. The least he could do is make sure I have a clean coffee cup. He KNOWS how important my coffee is to me. I did clean you a cup though, it’s one of my favorites and big enough to hold plenty of fresh brew.

I’d also beg your pardon for still being in my pajamas. I’ve no intention of taking them off until this evening when I change into clean ones before bed. It’s that kind of day.

It’s not a bad day, just a quiet, lazy kind of day. So far anyway.

Have you done much Christmas shopping yet? I realized yesterday I’d better get on that. It’s still not beginning to feel a lot like Christmas around here. I’m trying to find the spirit for it, but it’s hiding well this year. I’m lost in memories of Christmas times when our children were still children and their excitement bubbled over and found a way straight into my heart.

Oh, I spent yesterday at the book store. Alone. For several HOURS. My husband dropped me off and drove away to do his own thing. It was a silent hour and a half in before I realized I’d forgotten my phone at home. Bliss, I tell you, it was bliss. Later, when I checked my phone, there were six missed calls and three texts from one son, two texts from another, and a call from a number I didn’t recognize. It was a lovely, lovely afternoon.

We should meet for coffee at the book store sometime. It’s my happy place. Books and coffee. Perfect.

So, what’s on your Christmas wish list this year? Something special, I hope. Most of the time, my husband lets me pick out something I want and then makes me wait till Christmas to have it. Works out well for me, he usually has a couple of little somethings I don’t know about to surprise me with as well. He is ridiculously hard to buy for. I’ve known the man for thirty years, and still . . . This year we splurged on a giant new TV for him. I didn’t make him wait. Now I just have to find something to wrap up and put under the tree for him.

If I ever get the darned tree up and decorated anyway. Am I the last one without a tree? Maybe tomorrow. Unless you want to meet up at the book store for a cup, some conversation, and maybe a new book or two; I’m totally down for that . . .


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