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If we were having coffee – I’d be in my jammies

img_0367If we were having coffee this lovely Saturday, I would have started without you. I simply couldn’t wait. I awoke earlier than I’d wanted to and got started on the first cup right away. I’m actually on my third cup. It’s a small cup though, the big ones haven’t been washed yet and since it’s no longer my job to wash them, I opted for the last clean one available.

Dish duty has fallen to my youngest son, he’s not very good at his job. He’s nineteen, so it’s not like he can’t reach the sink. The least he could do is make sure I have a clean coffee cup. He KNOWS how important my coffee is to me. I did clean you a cup though, it’s one of my favorites and big enough to hold plenty of fresh brew.

I’d also beg your pardon for still being in my pajamas. I’ve no intention of taking them off until this evening when I change into clean ones before bed. It’s that kind of day.

It’s not a bad day, just a quiet, lazy kind of day. So far anyway.

Have you done much Christmas shopping yet? I realized yesterday I’d better get on that. It’s still not beginning to feel a lot like Christmas around here. I’m trying to find the spirit for it, but it’s hiding well this year. I’m lost in memories of Christmas times when our children were still children and their excitement bubbled over and found a way straight into my heart.

Oh, I spent yesterday at the book store. Alone. For several HOURS. My husband dropped me off and drove away to do his own thing. It was a silent hour and a half in before I realized I’d forgotten my phone at home. Bliss, I tell you, it was bliss. Later, when I checked my phone, there were six missed calls and three texts from one son, two texts from another, and a call from a number I didn’t recognize. It was a lovely, lovely afternoon.

We should meet for coffee at the book store sometime. It’s my happy place. Books and coffee. Perfect.

So, what’s on your Christmas wish list this year? Something special, I hope. Most of the time, my husband lets me pick out something I want and then makes me wait till Christmas to have it. Works out well for me, he usually has a couple of little somethings I don’t know about to surprise me with as well. He is ridiculously hard to buy for. I’ve known the man for thirty years, and still . . . This year we splurged on a giant new TV for him. I didn’t make him wait. Now I just have to find something to wrap up and put under the tree for him.

If I ever get the darned tree up and decorated anyway. Am I the last one without a tree? Maybe tomorrow. Unless you want to meet up at the book store for a cup, some conversation, and maybe a new book or two; I’m totally down for that . . .


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#weekendcoffeeshare – If we were having coffee . . .


If we were having coffee, I would be the one with the biggest cup.


Okay, maybe not, but a girl can dream . . .

If we really were having coffee, I would be grateful for the company. I usually sip my coffee in the company of the sunbeams coming through my window and the silence filling my room. I suppose sharing my morning with a friend or two would be nice every now and again.

If you asked me how my week was, my answer would likely be short, it takes me a spell to warm up to the engagement part of conversation. I would ask you about yours and listen while you told me. I really would, listen I mean. I know a lot of folks don’t to that. They look like they are, but I’m fairly certain they would fail a pop quiz regarding all you’d just said.

Maybe that’s why I don’t always talk much, I want to save what matters to me for someone who wants to hear it. I admit, sometimes my thoughts wander a bit when someone is talking to me, it’s not intentional. Usually it’s because what they are saying is superficial or tailored to what they think I want to hear. I want the real deal, you know what I mean?

So, if we were having coffee, I’d probably be on my second cup and starting to open up a bit more. The talk would certainly be centered on Thanksgiving and shopping. I would admit to staying in my pajamas all Thanksgiving day, peeking in every once in a while on my husband in the kitchen. He does the holiday cooking around here.

There was ham, a turkey breast, (we opted not to get the big bird), mashed potatoes, deviled eggs, candied yams, stuffing, and bread rolls. Not too much, not too little. Just enough for us and the three man-children still at home. You might hear a touch of sadness in my voice. I miss my daughter. I miss the large family I grew up feasting with.

I’d change the subject if no one else had. I’d tell you I went out for dog food on Black Friday. Walmart was relatively calm, the morning madness just a memory. Of course I went to Starbucks, found a ginormous coffee cup for $49.95, snapped a photo and carefully placed it back on the shelf. The day was pretty much like any other day, except what people I did encounter were ruder, which is hard to believe, especially since the day before they were in celebration mode of all they had to be thankful for.

People are weird and somewhat confusing to me. That might be why I’m having virtual coffee with whoever happens to be reading this, and if you are, I’m glad we spent a little time together . . .

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Weekend Coffee Share, scatterbrains, books, & a light rain

If we were having coffee . . . I would be late, because I always seem to be late these days. My wandering mind has been getting lost quite frequently, and once I notice it’s off on an unplanned adventure, I almost always lose my way even further while trying to find it. My husband and children have become excellent trackers, their search and rescue efforts have so far kept me from straying too far.

It’s actually been productive, not so much in the way of actually accomplishing some of the things I need to accomplish, but I’ve had time to think and create and ponder things I’ve been wanting to ponder. I’ve managed to keep the bills paid and the family hasn’t starved. They may tell you they are on the brink of malnourishment, but they would be exaggerating. Making them fend for themselves every now and then is tantamount to parental neglect in their eyes. They are technically adults, by the way.

As a matter of fact, next month, my baby – the youngest of my trolls, will be eighteen. I’m not sure how that happened, yesterday he was a chubby little monster who snuggled up to me with his Pooh Bear to listen to stories. Now, he is bigger than me, but you know what? He still comes and snuggles up with me, and he still loves to listen to me read stories.

Next month another birthday of sorts will roll around, one year since my blog, The Qwiet Muse was born. Honestly, I didn’t expect it would survive past a month or two. Self confidence is something I have the slightest of struggles with. I must say though, as my blog has grown, so has my valiancy.

I’ve been reading a lot lately, I had the good fortune to be an ARC reader for a fantastic book, Order of Seven by Beth Teliho, <— check out her blog * I loved it. I shared a short review here in case you’re interested, I seriously recommend it as a fantastic read. I’ve been sent two new ARC copies for review in the last couple of weeks as well, Lose The Cape – Realities from Busy Modern Moms and Strategies to Survive and Motherhood May Cause Drowsiness 2nd Ed, I’m looking forward to reading them and sharing my thoughts.

11124480_10205087766207350_4988765248529775265_nI spent the better part of today roaming the aisles of Barnes & Noble, looking for treasures. I left with the latest installment of the Dorothy Must Die series, The Wicked Will Rise, Trigger Warning by Neil Gaiman, Paradise Lost by John Milton, People I want to Punch in the Throat by Jen Mann, and two volumes containing all ten of L. Frank Baum’s Oz books. Fabulous afternoon. Of course, any afternoon filled with books and coffee are bound to be fabulous.

Now I’m sitting here listening to the sound of rain falling outside my window and counting my blessings. I’m sipping a nice hot cup of coffee too . . .



If We Were Having Coffee – You would wonder who invited me.


If we were having coffee you would probably wonder who the heck I am. I would smile and ask you to pass the cream and the sugar and sit in awkward silence while I stirred a little wooden stick in my cup.

After a sip or two I might attempt to introduce myself, hopefully you would initiate the conversation though. I can be the teensiest bit socially reserved and ever so slightly shy. I’m not really shy, the sometimes awkwardly reserved part just gets in the way — at first.

I would tell you having company with my coffee is new, I typically sit by myself, but lately I am intrigued by the company I could be keeping, so I’ve decided to step outside of my bubble and join you.

Thank you for not switching tables.

If we were having coffee I would tell you all about the people I’m certain you already know, and if you don’t you should, who quite unknowingly reached inside my bubble and gently pulled me out. It all started with Lizzi. She kind of rocked my world some time ago and changed it by engaging me in conversation, by unconditionally offering her friendship. I kind of love her for that.

By now, I would be ordering another cuppa coffee and prattling on about life, love, writing, my children and the amazing happenstance that brought me here, #1000speak, you’ve heard of it, right? Of course you have, but if you hadn’t I would wait while you looked it up.

I would tell you I’m not much of a joiner, at least I haven’t been, but this whole voices for compassion movement moved me and now I am becoming a joiner. I would tell you I became a reluctant Twitterer, I joined a couple of blogging groups and I came out for coffee, with you.

You might not think these are very big things, but believe me they are bigger than I am accustomed to.

So Lizzi led me to #1000Speak, which led me to Twitter where GeneO the Sourcerer gave me a shout out and now, here I sit, having coffee with you.

If we were having coffee I would tell you it’s been one heck of a week full of new people I feel rather blessed to have found . . .

Crystal R. Cook