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Wish me, them, luck.

I did it. My little lovelies have now been lovingly placed in nice new soil, I have quenched their thirst and given them nourishment.

Thank you mommyx4boys for suggesting Miracle Grow, they are going to need a miracle with me as their caretaker!

Now, I just need to remember to water them on a regular basis . . .


I placed a guardian angel with the last remaining survivors from last summer. They are going to need one.

I hope they make it.

July 3rd I wrote about my unintentional, murderous inclinations. I held nothing back. It was a cry for help, I asked for somebody to stop me before my preoccupation with doing it again, (unintentionally of course), got the better of me, forcing me to indulge my ever-growing need. No one stopped me. No one even tried. That afternoon, everyone who read and did not intervene became unwitting accomplices as I casually stalked and chose my victims.


On July 5th I posted pictures of my captives. I hadn’t yet figured out what to do with them, but I vowed to care for them. I assured myself and my accomplices I would be more attentive. I didn’t get off to the best start obviously, as they were still where I placed them after bringing them him. I had the best of intentions.


Today is the 9th of July. You know what they say about good intentions . . .


I swear by my WiFi I will turn over a new leaf, so to speak. Today I will take care to do as I promised. I hope I’m not too late.

I couldn’t stop myself.

If you haven’t yet read, Please Don’t Judge Me, click the link, it explains everything. Sort of . . .


I couldn’t help myself . . . They were just there, unattended, so beautiful. I walked away with four this time. I’ll admit not getting off to the best start with them, but at least I didn’t leave them in the trunk. Again. I lined them up near the porch to get some sun and forgot about them, just for a day. Okay, a day and a half, but they seem to be fine.

Today I will begin the process of making them a home. I’m excited to get my hands dirty. I was going to buy new caskets pots to place them in, but the ones from last years lost victims flowers will work just fine.


Wish them me luck.