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10 minute writing prompt – wind, storm & secrets

10 minute writing prompt — wind, storms, & secrets

– Set a timer and see what happens –

My secrets tormented me. Writhing within my soul, parasitic monsters feeding on my ever waning sanity. Taunting and teasing me from within; a cacophony of soundless voices reveling in and reminding me of all my hidden sins. My peace would only come when the howling winds of a wayward storm came to drown out their never-ending chatter.

2281fd6267c6ace097652f2194e1edaaEvery tempest became my friend. I sought protection in the midst of every storm which came my way. Then came one day a gentle zephyr, and it spoke, urging me to share my secrets, promising to carry them away, someplace far, far from me. So I whispered all my secrets into this breeze, and one by one, their voices grew silent until I could hear them no more.

I thought my freedom had finally been found, but the fluttering wind I thought was my friend had lied, and round me the air began to fill with the ghostly echoes of my foolishly whispered secrets, and not even the gusts and gales that once masked them could lend me their protection.

Sometimes now as they flutter and float though the air like swirling autumn leaves, my secrets will sing softly through my open windows, sometimes they will bellow in the night, just outside of my door.

Once my solace, now my captor, the wind knows my secrets and I will forever be bound by them . . .

Crystal R. Cook