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Marcus Aurelius

Marcus Aerelius

We have infinitely more power over our thoughts and emotions than we realize. It is within each of us to change, redirect, and refocus the negative into the positive if we allow ourselves to let go of what we think controls us . . . Don’t give the power you hold inside to undeserving thoughts, feelings, emotions, and what you perceive as pain. Grow from it, learn from it, use it, but never, never give it your power.




Strength can be so gentle
like soft rains from high above

Kindness can be tough
if it is not done out of love

Caring sometimes hurts
but it’s a chance worth taking

Pain sometimes is healing
it is wholeness in the making

Faith really can move mountains
if you truly do believe

Fear can hide reality
if it’s all you choose to see

A whisper can be heard
clearer than a shout

A touch with tender strength
can lift the chains of doubt

Love can change the world
if it’s pure and it is true

It’s a blessing and a gift
from God above to you

Crystal R. Cook 2004

They said . . .

When they told me
he would never talk,
I taught him to sing.

I mimicked his little sounds
until he began to mimic mine.

When they told me
he may never walk,
I taught him to run.

I put his little hands in mine
and helped guide his feet
toward our goal.

I fell to my hands and knees
and raced along
the floor by his side.

When they said
he would not read,
I began showing him words
and teaching him sounds.

When they said
he would not write,
I gave him a crayon
and said you can,
and he became a poet.

When they said
he would live
in his own world
I opened the doors to mine
and waited for him to enter.

Now when they say things
I raise my voice to the heavens.

God hears me
and gives me strength
to help him overcome
the limitations
they say await him.

Crystal R. Cook