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The Morning Sun – Six Sentence Stories

img_0072Slivers of light pierced the veil of gloom she’d shrouded herself within. Pinpoints of resplendent sunbeam shone through the netted curtain, dancing upon her face, stinging her eyes with their intrusion.

Rising from her resting place stirred still sleeping particles of dust and fibers to waltz round in twinkling circles with the sun. Ever so slowly she rose, blanket in hand stumbling toward the light.

Standing before the window with img_0071outstretched arms, she flung the blanket over the curtain rod and climbed back into her bed, once again beneath the comforting cover of dark. She wasn’t quite willing to relinquish the night just yet.

I’ve been meaning to join in the Six Sentence Stories fun for some time now. Lazy, busy, preoccupied, better at writing real life stuff than making it up, but this one is kind of real life, except my curtains aren’t netted. 

Now I need coffee, the morning has come . . .