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Apparently, it’s Monday

I woke up this morning tired. I’m still tired. My brain is lost in a mucky fog. I’m forming a search party to go in and find it, if anyone is interested. I could use the help.

I blame Wikipedia. Seriously, I was sourcing out some info for an article on vitamin supplements and one click led to another until I was bookmarking recipes I know I’ll never make. Somehow I ended up taking a Buzzfeed quiz about how much of a foodie I was, turns out I’m not much of one, no new news there. I could barely keep my eyes open by then.

So, back to this morning. Zombie. I needed coffee. Technically, I’d already had a cup, my sweet husband leaves one by my bedside every morning, but I couldn’t remember drinking it so I quite obviously needed more. Keurig to the rescue.

I mindlessly scooped in my cream, stirred my in my sugar and took a sip. Something was wrong. Turns out you need to put a coffee pod in the damn thing.

I got it right the second time around.

Things to do, places to go. I got dressed. I went . . . had to come back home to change my shoes. sigh

I’m taking a nap.