Blogiversary – The Qwiet Muse is ONE!


May 24th marked the one year anniversary of

The Qwiet Muse.  

398 posts to date.


It’s hard to imagine that my words have been seen by so many around the world.


807 followers so far, there were 811, must have been something I said. To be quite honest, when I started The Qwiet Muse, I expected some family and perhaps a few friends to visit it every now and then. I didn’t have high hopes. The truth is, I didn’t think it would even last this long. I thought a month, maybe two would go by before I realized it was a silly idea and walk away from it, but I didn’t – I couldn’t.

I had no idea what I was doing. I’m amazed I was able to create this little space in blogdom without the help of my computer savvy kids, I still need help operating the dang DVR. I didn’t have a plan, a direction to move forward with; I still don’t. I just write and put it out there. Random musings. I have yet to really dig down and share much of my writing, maybe this next year . . . I’ve read many articles since I began this journey in regard to blogging, they all basically say I’m doing it wrong. Maybe I am, but it’s working for me.

I’ve made connections, real-actual-bon-a-fide connections through this little space I call The Qwiet Muse. Beautiful and inspiring friendships were not something I was expecting and I am so thankful for them. These one-time strangers filled a place in my heart I didn’t even know needed to be filled, they have lifted me up and encouraged me so many times. I cannot express how much they have come to mean to me.

thank_you_png_for_comments__etc___by_lavitadistress-d6vrzn3 (1)

I suppose I will just keep on keeping on, writing, sharing, sometimes ranting. Perhaps I will find a focus, or two or three – I won’t, focusing is difficult – I do hope to continue growing in my confidence, I believe in myself a little more, in my ability to write and evoke feelings with my words . . . I want to do more of that.

~ The first Qwiet Muse post ~

Beauty and music, sunshine and light,
the wings of a dove, softly rustling in flight.

The smell of the morning after summers rain,
crackling campfires, and bubbling champagne.

Voices of children, singing songs of praise,
the evening mist, and long autumn days.

The changing of seasons, a moment of prayer,
goosebumps and laughter, my favorite chair.

Being lost in a moment, the voice of a friend,
being held in a hug I hope never ends.

The way my cheeks feel coming in from the cold,
the softness of hands as they begin to grow old.

Sincerity and honesty, faith, hope and love,
knowing that God is somewhere above.

The presence of angels, a wonderful dream,
having a bowl of my favorite ice cream.

Snuggles and cuddles and soft babies feet,
that fleeting moment my house is tidy and neat.

Sweet memories to cherish, tears of sadness and joy,
pictures in albums, my childhood toy.

Sharing a secret, shouting out loud,
laying back in the sun, guessing shapes in the clouds.

Rain on the rooftop, silence so still,
meadows and forests, lacy frost on the sill.

The power of prayer, uninterrupted sleep,
making a promise I know I will keep.

Sitting and thinking of my favorite things,
like cupcakes and flowers and angel’s wings.

The innocent sweetness of love’s first kiss,
and simply sharing my thoughts with a friend like this.

© Crystal R. Cook

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