The Monster is Me

Artwork by Carl Otto Hulten

Artwork by Carl Otto Hulten


Always lurking, it lays in wait

hiding in shadows

cast by the light

Stealthy it stalks

just out of sight

it creeps in

and holds me

in the darkest

of night

It whispers

it taunts

it teases

with fright

Soundless echos

in the back

of my mind

I’ve nowhere to run

I’ve nowhere to hide

This thing that I fear

is somewhere inside

It slithers through thoughts

it sneaks into dreams

it binds and it shackles

with chains I can’t see

a lock without key

I cannot break free

I’m bound

and imprisoned

because the

monster is me

  . . . anxiety.

Crystal R. Cook

13 thoughts on “The Monster is Me

  1. I discovered a story I wrote when I was about 9, and in it, anxiety slithered out of a crack in the ceiling, down a wall, and enveloped the princess and tried to attack her. Guess this beastie is a life-long friend to some.

    Well writ, though, dear one.

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      • I can’t remember where the book is. I found it when I was going through all the things to split up. I’ve put it somewhere safe, I’m sure.
        (which means I won’t find it again til I’m 60)


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