Betrayed – I wasn’t prepared.

tumblr_static_goodbye_noteI thought we’d have more time together, I really did. I knew it wouldn’t last forever, but I wasn’t expecting it to end so soon. I keep wondering if it’s my fault . . . if I did something to make you snap. I took care of you as best I could. I did.

We’ve been through a lot together and through it all, I always felt secure. You supported me in ways others before you never did and I loved you for that. You were always there for me when I needed you. I guess that’s why I’m so upset right now, I still need you.

If I would have known you were going to fall apart like this I would have found another, that would have made this break easier.

You betrayed me. You hurt me; tried to stab me in the heart, and for that I just can’t forgive you.

I can replace you and I will. You were special to me, but there are plenty more just like you. Now that I know what I want, what feels right, it won’t take me long to find another. I know just where to go. I just wish you could have waited until there was free shipping and handling –, here I come . . .







8 thoughts on “Betrayed – I wasn’t prepared.

  1. can you describe the image to me? I’m guessing you’re talking about some sort of toy but which one, I can’t be sure of. Thanks for the help.


    • It’s my bra. Just part of it though! I’m not one of those TMI kind of gals 🙂 The underwire broke and stabbed me, I took a picture of the offending piece of sharpened metal protruding from the once soft, protective fabric that covered it. I hate when that happens . . . Oh, it’s a plain, beige, mom bra, nothing fancy or frilly. Comfort rules.


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