Coming Storm


And a mournful disquietude

arose amidst the paean of a new order.

Mingling voices wrestling and rising

to a crescendo of wailing,

a cacophony of battle cries and laments.

Divisiveness swept through,

brother turned against brother,

friend became foe

against the backdrop

of a darkening sky.

And an evil crept in

to feed an insatiable hunger,

it fed and it fattened and grew.

It feasted on a banquet

of prideful souls,

ripe for harvest.

It chewed at the marrow

till nothing was left

but the bones of the people,

then he bid them to rise

and to follow,

leading them blind

into the abyss.

10 thoughts on “Coming Storm

  1. Whoa. Wow. I’m not sure what else I can say. This is breathtaking in a completely unexpected way.
    And I really did not mean to rhyme. That just happened. This is really good, Crystal.
    LOL Actually, I’m now thinking it reminds me of George R.R. Martin and his Game of Thrones books and fans of it.

    Liked by 1 person

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