Dream & Dare – Ronovan Writes Haiku Challenge



Dare I not, to dream
lest I see your face once more
as it turns away

* * *

I dreamt of flowers
of placing them on your grave
knowing they would wilt

Weekly Haiku Poetry Prompt Challenge

Ronovan Writes

6 thoughts on “Dream & Dare – Ronovan Writes Haiku Challenge

    • Thank you . . . Actually, I’m not certain where those words came from, just wrote down the first things that came to mind 😊I often try to capture something or some emotion that might not relate to me, but others will recognize . . . I guess it worked. You have a sweet heart to offer kind words.

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      • Well I’m more likely to help plot revenge than offer sweet words and yes the verses did strike a very old but familiar chord. It was early and i didn’t want to encourage or aid and abet a mayhem, let alone destruction….ergo the sweet nothings of encouragement. A very moving haiku however and fitting for the prompt. Congratz on just pulling them out of the quagmire of our brains boxes instead of living them in the present.

        My theme was a little more currently true for me; although not about a lost relationship but the loss of the ability to sleep with out the annoying and anxious dreams of my reality. ~~dru~~


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