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Daily Haiku Challenge – Booknvolume Blog

Morgan, at the Booknvolume blog, is running a Daily Haiku Challenge, and I kind of love haiku, and I always love a good challenge as well. Believe it or not, Haiku can prove quite challenging.

The goal of haiku is to fit something filled with meaning into three short lines consisting of 17 syllables in total, it needs to invoke feeling, and make sense. This is how I’ve always thought of haiku.

Traditional Japanese haiku is, for lack of a better way to say it, simple complexity. I’ll likely never master it, but I do enjoy trying.

A recent walk around the neighborhood served up inspiration, and fortunately, I was able to capture it . . .


Nature thrives divine
despite effort made by man
to maintain control


Dream & Dare – Ronovan Writes Haiku Challenge



Dare I not, to dream
lest I see your face once more
as it turns away

* * *

I dreamt of flowers
of placing them on your grave
knowing they would wilt

Weekly Haiku Poetry Prompt Challenge

Ronovan Writes

Haiku Challenge – Fluffy & Rainbow

ronovanwrites weekly Haiku Challenge – Fluffy & Rainbow


Fluffy little bear

lies beside her as she dreams

of dancing rainbows


Rainbow colored tulle

my little ballerina

dances in the clouds


Precious little girl

fluffy tuffs of rainbow tulle

dancing in the clouds


Fluffy floating clouds

rainbows splashed across the sky

promise from on high


Crystal R. Cook

Rage & Flammable Haiku Challenge – two more

ronovanwrites weekly haiku challenge 

~  R a g e  &   F l a m m a b l e  ~

Two more . . . they keep floating around my head.

Rage consumes like fire
flammable, burning red hot
till nothing remains

Anger, jealousy –
ignite flammable weakness,
fuel the fires of rage

Crystal R. Cook



Haiku Challenge – ronovanwrites ~ Rage & Flammable

http://ronovanwrites.wordpress.com Weekly Haiku Challenge – Rage & Flammable

I couldn’t quite decide how I wanted to use the words so I used them in several little Haikus, I will likely come back to them, pick them apart and see what comes of them.


Flammable follies
love, desire, passion, rage
smolder, smoke, ignite


Growing flames of rage
sear the heart of the angered
flammable soul burns


Rage, burning hot fire
the paper soul, flammable
nothing remains, ash


Flammable rage burns
destruction left in its wake
scattered ashes fall


Embers of rage flame
flammable forgiveness burns
only ash remains


Rage, flammable, hot
burning beast, consuming fire
leaving only ash

Crystal R. Cook