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Haiku Challenge – ronovanwrites ~ Rage & Flammable

http://ronovanwrites.wordpress.com Weekly Haiku Challenge – Rage & Flammable

I couldn’t quite decide how I wanted to use the words so I used them in several little Haikus, I will likely come back to them, pick them apart and see what comes of them.


Flammable follies
love, desire, passion, rage
smolder, smoke, ignite


Growing flames of rage
sear the heart of the angered
flammable soul burns


Rage, burning hot fire
the paper soul, flammable
nothing remains, ash


Flammable rage burns
destruction left in its wake
scattered ashes fall


Embers of rage flame
flammable forgiveness burns
only ash remains


Rage, flammable, hot
burning beast, consuming fire
leaving only ash

Crystal R. Cook