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Too many tabs & brilliantly crazy.

2194812460_4a9de47676I have 38 tabs open on my laptop. Telling you because . . . reasons. I don’t know what those reasons are, but there simply must be reasons. There’s a reason for everything, so they say.

Are these 38 tabs a sign of laziness? Perhaps. Or brilliance? It could be brilliance. It certainly could. Maybe I need an abnormal amount of tabs open to keep my mind occupied. The information hidden beneath those tabs is fuel for my all-consuming need for knowledge.

Hold on – I randomly checked a few of them, two of them were cat videos and one was an ad for car insurance that must have popped up. Twitter, my email account, and my blog are open, as is Pinterest and a Google search page for why tortoises eat their own crap all the frickin time, but still, I’m quite certain the remaining 30 tabs will reveal something with at least a morsel of intellectual substance I have previously fed upon or intended to digest at some point.

Or, it truly is laziness. No, it’s virtual hoarding. I know, that’s what Pinterest is for, but my disease has obviously mutated Pand now I can’t click off of web pages because of some recent brain altering trauma. Omigosh. I did, in fact, have a recent brain altering trauma that makes this make perfect sense, I think.

Actually it doesn’t, but still . . . it might, maybe, possibly, in some small way have something to do with it. It could. See, I had several – more than 10, less than 38 – pages open last week, pages I was using for research, and I clicked something I guess I shouldn’t have clicked-and-they-all-disappeared-and-I-couldn’t-retrieve-them-and-I-accidentally-deleted-my-history-while-looking-for-them-and-I-was-panicked-and-I-may-have-cried-a-little-and suffered-a-mini-meltdown — hence my new found apprehension and reluctance to close the open tabs on my computer, which makes no sense really, since having them all opened and unsaved led to their loss.

I no longer have any idea what I am trying to say. I’m trying to cut back on coffee, it must be withdrawal symptoms. Maybe a glass of wine would help. Do they make caffeinated wine?

In conclusion, I am not lazy, I am crazy. And brilliant. Brilliantly crazy. And if you just read all this nonsense, you likely are as well. Oh, you should probably open this in a new tab . . .


.coms and avocados

My Favorite Sites and an Avocado


I was 27 the first time I used the internet, I was a stay at home mom with four young house trolls and a husband too often far from home in service of his country. I had a computer, I got my first one In 1993. It was a beast of a machine, a wonderful machine, really not much more than a glorified word processor, but it allowed me to print my words to more than scattered notebooks and scraps of paper, it didn’t stop the notebooks and scattered papers from piling up though, it never will.

Fast forward to 1997 and we were dialed in the World Wide Web of Wonder. I was in point and click .com nirvana. I searched out and soaked up so much knowledge. I emailed friends and family everyday, at least I attempted to. I found places to write, to mentor, and learn, I became part of the online community.

Internet friends started talking about Facebook, encouraging me to join. I didn’t. I wouldn’t. I checked it out, but my usual non-judgmental self became judgmental and I concluded this Facebook thing was for attention seeking, over sharing, drama addicts and bored housewives.

I figured it was probably much like MySpace, which I thought was simply dreadful. So, I refused to take part . . . but then . . . my family members joined the Book of Face and I realized it was actually a pretty cool way to have more of the interaction with them I so desperately desired. One day and I was hooked like a fish with a juicy worm on a hook.

I re-connected with old and dear friends I never thought I would see again, I made amazing new and fabulous friends, something I am generally incapable, or maybe just unwilling to do in the real world, and my life actually felt fuller. I kind of love Facebook.

Then there was this invite for a beta site called CafeMom. Pfft, dumb. I was bored though and the idea of being among the first to check out a new website and offer insights and suggestions sounded intriguing, so I joined. Life changed for me. It truly did. The life altering change happened when a stranger, a beautiful, fantastic, and wonderful stranger invited me to a group she was building there, an autism support group.

Historically, I have always steered clear of support groups, I never truly found much support within them. Something just felt right though. I have two boys on the spectrum and thought, if anything, I could offer support, advice, and encouragement to other moms blazing and tumbling along the same path. I never expected to be the recipient of any of those things, but I was.

The friendships I forged there transcended the group, they became more than my autism support group friends, they became my true, real, and lasting friends.

Then this thing called Pinterest popped up. Ha! Waste of time for sure! No way was I getting sucked in to that nonsense. I suppose you can guess what happened, the vacuum that is all things positively pinteresting sucked me right in. I can truly say I am addicted to Pinterest, to pinning and re-pinning. This may sound silly, but it’s therapeutic for me and quite calming. I kind of love Pinterest.

I write. A lot. When people would find out, they would always ask where my blog was, what blogging platform I used, and why the heck don’t you have a blog? You should totally start a blog.

Honestly, I used to think of blogging in much the same way I felt about avocados and I didn’t like avocados. I’d never actually tasted an avocado, but I knew I wouldn’t like them. In truth, I didn’t really know what a blog was. I had no idea most of my favorite places to visit online were, in fact, blogs.

One day, I accidentally ingested a bit of guacamole. Taste bud heaven opened up, I loved avocados. Loved them. I figured if I could love the vegetafruit called an avocado, maybe, maybe I was being wrongly stubborn about other things.

I started a blog. I love blogging. I love blogging and avocados and Facebook and an online support group and Pinterest. Love them.

I just know ya’ll were simply dying to know my history of all things internet, (you didn’t know you wanted to know, but you did and now you do). Then again, I may have just bored ya to tears, which was actually my inspiration for writing this all down, not to bore you to tears, but because I was bored.

I shouldn’t be bored because I have tons to do, other things I should be writing, and laundry and getting dressed, which is precisely why I am doing this instead. I don’t wanna do those other things . . .

Crystal R. Cook

Stop flinging your poo. Seriously. Be happy.


Son-of-a-fugly-jackhole. People piss me off. Okay, maybe not you, but people in general. I am a loving, kind-hearted, compassionate, and caring bitch of a good person and yet I have a difficult time extending these amazing qualities to the majority of the people I am forced to walk the earth with, and yes, I am calling myself out as amazing . . . because I can.

Some people just seem to thrive on being as boorish as they can be. I don’t understand it. The thing that absolutely, positively, and undeniably upsets me most is the contagion factor of it all. They make me feel like they are acting when they fling their poo around like wild monkeys. It stinks and it sticks to you.

I don’t want to stink.

I’d like to walk around with a lovely little canister labeled Petulance Repellant or something preferably more witty, and spray the crap out of people with it. I would buy it in bulk.

I need to shake it off, or shower it away now because I have to brave the masses once more, I forgot what I originally went out to get. I got this. I can handle it. Just in case I lose it, is anyone willing to act as a character witness for me?

Click on the link below when you find yourself at odds with the human race. Humor helps.



I have been trying in vain to add a Pinterest profile widget somewhere, somehow, but I am convinced it either cannot be done or I am even more computer illiterate than I’ve previously allowed myself to admit.

I adore Pinterest. Prayer, writing, coffee, and Pinterest . . . these things keep me sane.

For now, I quit trying to do what may just possibly be impossible, but I would still like to invite you to visit me on Pinterest. I pin a lot and often, it’s therapeutic after all.

So here is my link, if you’d like to come see what I find so Pinteresting!