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I had to pull the trigger.

This morning kind of sucked. Okay, it really sucked. I feel 98% better now, I went on to have a lovely day, despite the torturous start to it. I feel the need to apologize for the naughty words, I really do try to avoid them. Sometimes though, you just gotta let them out.

imageInstead of hiding away and ruminating about my inability to stave off an unwelcome anxiety attack, I got dressed, grabbed my gun and went to the range with my husband. Every squeeze of the trigger was a release.

There was more than bullets firing from the barrel my .38, I was aiming my frustrations, fears, and worries toward that target, each time they hit their mark I felt a sense of relief.

I realize this may not be an altogether typical way to relieve stress, but it did what I hoped it would do. I was born and raised in Alaska, firing off a few rounds for fun seems perfectly normal to me, my normal isn’t always normal though. I make no pretenses, I am who I am.

A nice lunch, a big ole cup of iced coffee and some leisurely browsing through a giant electronic warehouse with my husband finished the afternoon off nicely. I may just make it through this day after all . . .