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This door is not for you . . .

Welcome in . . .I am thankful for doors that never opened and for the ones I had to close. Some of those doors were beautiful and I desperately wanted to see what was on the other side. Sometimes, I would catch a glimpse behind them when someone else went through, but I could never follow, they said,

This door is not for you.”

Some of the doors had broken locks and I would tiptoe in, but they were cold and dark inside, I felt lost once I was in. I left the rooms behind those doors and never entered them again.

There were other doors, some plain and uninviting, but a lovely light crept through their cracks and I was drawn to them, and when I asked if I may enter, they opened wide and welcomed me. I worried if I stepped outside I might never get back in. 

Don’t be silly, don’t you see?” said the doors, “Your heart has always been the key.”