Lizzi is a weaver of words figuratively, creatively, and when you listen you will see she does it quite literally.

I fell in love with her ability to make magic with her thoughts, then I found out she was a little bit of magic herself, the not afraid to do the trick even if you aren’t sure it will work kind of magic. It always works.

It isn’t the pseudo magic of grand illusion people gather in audiences to see, knowing none of it is real but pretending it is to justify the cost of admission. Her magic is free and better than what the man in the cape who hides his secrets behind the curtain offers . . . Her magic is quite real and raw and you know it is magic when you see it.

I’ve listened to her voice in black and white, printed on pages, shining up at me from a screen, but now, I have heard it for realsies and it is just as lovely as I imagined it would be and that makes the magic sparkle even more.


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