Find the Good, Even on the Bad Days


There is something good in every day, sometimes we have to actively seek it out and sometimes we simply need to open our eyes. A little thing as simple as a flower in bloom, a smile from a stranger, or your favorite song on the radio . . . There is always something good.

A bad day

is just a bad day,

it comes to an end

just like any other.

We can turn some of those bad days into good, simply by looking at things from a different perspective. By making an effort, a conscious choice to not to let our circumstances control the way we feel and respond to things around us, especially things we cannot control.

Frustration, anger, disappointment . . . feel them, but don’t embrace them. Don’t wear them like a heavy cloak weighing you down with every step you try to take. Shake it off, shrug it off, let it go, and do something different. Find the good you can and carry it in your heart.

There really is GOOD in every day.



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