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Renewed by Crystal R. Cook

Slivers of light
pierce through
my darkness
slicing the shroud
under which
I’d taken
what I thought
was refuge
Rays of hope
filter through
my secret place
boring into my
psyche like
burning shrapnel
aimed straight
for my heart
Filling the empty
places with pieces
of dreams
and promises
once removed
for reasons
long since
Consumed by
their warmth
welcoming them
home repenting
their eviction
with a vow
to nurture them
once more

Crystal R. Cook

Slaying Dragons


Empty promises,
fragments of dream,
pieces of me
lost, missing, stolen.
I no longer
yearn their
Damaged goods
tossed aside,
replaced with
new and shiny
things, filling
the voids they
left behind.
Loss becomes gain
with release of pain,
relinquished angst,
quells fears
once worn like armor.
Still, anxieties preach,
false prophets of doom,
a dragon hard to slay.
A day will come
its lies will cease,
and in that moment,
I will rest in peace.

Crystal R. Cook

Damn him . . .


The man in the moon
is staring down at me
He sings a lullaby
I can’t help but hear
Hard as I try
to drown out the sound
it echoes inside of me
keeping time with
my beating heart
Is it slowing?
I drift into dreams
I cannot escape
Is it slowing?
To never dream
never wander
never see
what waits
when eyes close
The man in the moon
is staring down at me
protector or
he never answers
Is it slowing?
Dreams wake
when he takes a chair
on my side
of the moon
How far he
would fall
if I pulled him down
I cannot reach
the stars
Is it really slowing?
Damn the man in the moon.

Crystal R. Cook

You are . . .


You are today
as you were
and will be
in the days
yet to come
my love
my life
my dreams
and my

You are my
every hope
for the
and my
of the past

You are my
every sunrise
and every
wish I’ve
softly wished

You are the
answer to
many prayers
lonely tears

You are
the keeper
of my heart
for now
and for
my love

Crystal R. Cook 2001

I hold the stars

Natalia Maroz

(Art by Natalia Maroz)

Stillness surrounds

as twilight fades,

vying the chaos

of the day,

filling my spirit

with sweet respite,

replenishing my


with quiet command,

becalming my senses

with absolute peace.

Angels whisper prayers

silence sings me to slumber,

in my dreams

I hold the stars.

Crystal R. Cook

Night Drama

Another nightstand note found . . . I really am a drama queen in the darkest hours of a sleepless night.

Hopeless desperation
fills the endless hours
of my day,
painful longings
embrace me
in the darkest
hours of the night.

Something from the past
beckons, screaming out
to be remembered,
tempting me to believe
what I now need
is what I once had.

As yesterday tries
to swallow tomorrow
I scream out
in silent anguish,
dreams from
another lifetime
yearn to soar
but in the
wakeful moments
of my existence
they haven’t wings
to fly.

Dreams are best forgotten,
nothing more than
illusions and delusions
of what may have been
and what will never be,
leaving voids that
cannot be filled.

Wordless emotions
deafen me,
sunless shadows
leave me
without sight.

The air
which gives
me life
and devours me.

Tears have
made their journey,
soaking into
the fabric
of my life,
leaving their
taste to linger
upon my lips.

I grasp for the
not knowing
what it is,
coveting its
weeping for
my desire.

Am I living
my dream,
the ungrateful
of a gift
gone unseen?

One day
I will
clearly see
and the day
will not bind me,
the night
will have no hold,
ancient longings
will subside,
I will be lost
and desperate
no more.

Crystal R. Cook