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The Battle Rages On – Constant Warrior




Floundering in the dark

searching for the light

Scattered thoughts disgorge

from a miasmic mind

too burdened to contain them

emotions escape through tears

Unrestrained anxiety

irrational fear

unwarranted consternation

Pounding chest, heaving

threatening to fragment

anticipating failure

and pain

Soul seeking solace

confronts the unseen

stands in trepidation

against enshrouded foe

A weary warrior

voice raised in supplication

beseeching favor through faith

Repudiating the disquietude

emancipating fragile psyche

reclaiming, regaining, reasserting

gathering the detritus

of unconsumed peace

forging it to armor

sheltering beneath

until the storm subsides


Crystal R. Cook


Renewed by Crystal R. Cook

Slivers of light
pierce through
my darkness
slicing the shroud
under which
I’d taken
what I thought
was refuge
Rays of hope
filter through
my secret place
boring into my
psyche like
burning shrapnel
aimed straight
for my heart
Filling the empty
places with pieces
of dreams
and promises
once removed
for reasons
long since
Consumed by
their warmth
welcoming them
home repenting
their eviction
with a vow
to nurture them
once more

Crystal R. Cook