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Damn him . . .


The man in the moon
is staring down at me
He sings a lullaby
I can’t help but hear
Hard as I try
to drown out the sound
it echoes inside of me
keeping time with
my beating heart
Is it slowing?
I drift into dreams
I cannot escape
Is it slowing?
To never dream
never wander
never see
what waits
when eyes close
The man in the moon
is staring down at me
protector or
he never answers
Is it slowing?
Dreams wake
when he takes a chair
on my side
of the moon
How far he
would fall
if I pulled him down
I cannot reach
the stars
Is it really slowing?
Damn the man in the moon.

Crystal R. Cook



The sun has
long since set.

The midnight hour
has already begun
to surrender reign
to the approaching

With heavy eyes,
I abide in silence
while the sun
stirs from slumber.

The night has been
so very long.

I fear this new day
may linger past its
appointed hour
as well.

What unseen thief has
has robbed me of repose?

I pray this season of unrest
is soon quelled.

I yearn to be lost in dream.

I long to have the ebony sky
blanket me in the mysteries
it holds.

To be swept away on a
moon beam odyssey
is my fondest desire.

Stirring thoughts
keep the lullaby
of peaceful solace
from me.

Rambling notions stumble,
one upon another
in desperate measure
to be heard,
refusing to be ignored.

Fingers of light
have begun to reach
into my night veiled realm.

They beckon me
to arise and frolic,
but the night does not
willingly release
its embrace.

I will soon enough rise
and move about the day,
though my innermost
essence is weary,
I will remain steadfast.

When this day’s ebbing sun
takes another evening bow,
I will once more retreat
to the comfort
of my darkened room
and pray through the night
for the hush of perfect solitude
to encompass me.