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Gifts I would give to you.

1911- H. J. Haverman

1911- H. J. Haverman

I long to capture
the echo of the wind,
and the first ray
of a morning sun.
A handful or two
of fluffy clouds
after a storm has come.
The melody of a song
and the silence
of whispering
angel wings,
the gentle sigh
of a day gone by
and so many
other things.
I want to scoop up
the watery diamonds
that dance
with the reflection
of the moon,
and wrap them all up
in paper and string
and give them all to you.
I love you mom . . .

Memories on a flash drive – That last photo – pure gold!

One of my favorite things in life is coming across memories I’d almost forgotten were safely tucked away somewhere inside of me. This one found its way back to me while I was looking for a different memory on an old flash drive, the little file folder on the screen was practically begging to be clicked, and when I obliged the little voice compelling me to take a peek inside, I was instantly filled with the joys of a long ago day and the memories rushed in like a rushing wave, eager to meet the shore.

I no longer recall the occasion, but the day is etched into my heart. The kids explored and played and rode dirt bikes with their dad while I sat with my notebook and favorite pen, recording whatever thoughts I happened to think as I watched the day unfold.

The set of pictures I found in that file made me smile, they made me laugh – the little man captured in photographic forever is now a man, mostly. He’ll be eighteen this month. The last of my babies to step into adulthood. I still see the little boy in these pictures when I look at him sometimes, I have a feeling if he were to stand atop that same hill now, he would no doubt smile that same little smile and take the leap . . .


He stood there at the top of the hill yelling “Mommy! Watch, I’m gonna jump over that cable.” I told him I didn’t think it was a good idea but he was already running. I figured I’d snap a few photos . . . I got a pretty good shot if him at the start of his run.


He was cruising down that hill, you could see that he was going faster than he wanted to, once that momentum starts, it only picks up speed. His little legs were moving so fast.


Gravity got the best of him and he ended his stunt with a face full of dust. He took it like a man though and then he marched right back up there and gave it another shot . . . boys.


He did it. He jumped the cable just like he said he would ~ Stinker.

I can’t help but giggle just a little every time I look at these pictures :o)

With a little help from Mom.

Who better to give parenting advice than those who have already been there, done that and lived to tell about it? I wouldn’t be the mother I am without the wisdom and advice my own mother has imparted to me over the years. There is no such thing as a perfect mother, but anyone who has ever answered to the name Mommy has experience, and with experience comes knowledge.

When my children were younger my mother was a well of knowledge I could tap into whenever I needed, she still is. I haven’t always taken her advice, but I’ve always been grateful for it. Often, young mothers do not ask for and don’t want the advice their parents or grandparents have to offer and they struggle trying to figure it all out on their own.

The simple fact is, we can’t do it on our own. I respect everything my parents and my grandparents taught me. I will always welcome their voice, they’ve been in the parenting business much longer than I have.

imageMy mom always says, “I know a few things.” It always makes me smile because now I know a few things too, much of it I learned from her. So many things change with the passage of time, I grew up in a very different world than my children awake to each day. The generation before us may not have experience in some of the issues we parents ace today, but they have wisdom that can bridge the gap and help us find the answers we seek.

My grandmother knows a few things too, sometimes though, her words of wisdom are on the wacky side. When my firstborn came along she shared a few tips with me. She told me never to turn him upside down while playing with him because it will cause his liver to flip and he could die. Later, she told me you can rid a baby of the hiccups by turning them upside down. She scolded me for tickling his feet because it would make him stutter, but became the footsie tickle monster within seconds of getting him in her grasp. She has taught me though, you do indeed survive parenting, and I am grateful to know it’s possible.

My children have become who they are, in part, because of the lessons I learned from parents who came before me. I’ve learned so much over the years, knowledge I hope my own children seek out when they to venture into the realm of parenthood themselves. Like I said, I know a few things now.

Some say it takes a village to raise a child . . . at the very least it takes a family.

I am a better mother than I would have been without them.

Crystal R.Cook