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Gifts I would give to you.

1911- H. J. Haverman

1911- H. J. Haverman

I long to capture
the echo of the wind,
and the first ray
of a morning sun.
A handful or two
of fluffy clouds
after a storm has come.
The melody of a song
and the silence
of whispering
angel wings,
the gentle sigh
of a day gone by
and so many
other things.
I want to scoop up
the watery diamonds
that dance
with the reflection
of the moon,
and wrap them all up
in paper and string
and give them all to you.
I love you mom . . .

Sorry Mom.


I am 44 years old.

My mom called.

I got busted for saying the eff word.

I did.

That happened.

In my blog post,


I make use of the offending word twice, I may say another bad word, maybe two . . . I don’t make use of them lightly or often.

So, I apologize for saying an effing bad word. I do.

Love you Mom!