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Tanka Poetry Challenge, Lady & Portrait


Rambling Writer hosts a weekly tanka poetry challenge and I was happy to find it! Currently, this fun challenge is on week 59 . . .

I love tanka poetry, like haiku, the form utilizes a set number of lines and syllables. Haiku consists of three lines, with 5/7/5 syllables respectively, while tanka consists of 5 lines, with 5/7/5/7/7 for its syllable count.

Portrait and Lady are the two words chosen to tickle the tanka bone. My creative juices have been but a trickle of late, thank you, Rambling Writer, for some much needed inspiration.


Leonardo da Vinci “Virgin on the Rocks”

Master of each stroke
caressing canvas with brush,
giving pigment breath of life,
portrait of a lady fair


Tanka Poetry – Night

Daily Post – Tanka Poetry

Tanka Poem in three verses . . .

In the dark of night
moonbeams pierce the veil of black
lighting paths for dreams
slowly falling from the stars
finding their way to your heart

Restless spirits still
embraced in slumbers respite
quiet calm comforts
with softly sung lullabies
carried gently in the wind

Angels tiptoe in
to caress your weary brow
soundly may you sleep
they keep vigil through the night
till the morn comes and you rise


Tanka Poetry – Broken

Daily Post – Tanka Poetry

Artist - Antonio Canova

Artist – Antonio Canova



Broken, still she stands
open wounds, never to heal
fragments of lost dreams
pieces of past promises
keep her from falling apart

Crystal R. Cook





Tanka Verse 5-7-5-7-7